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Established as early as 1912, Nantong University is today anamalgamation of Nantong Institute of Technology, Nantong Medical College, andNantong Teachers College. Located in the city of Nantong in Jiangsu province ofChina, the Nangtong University was co-built by the then provincial governmentand the transport ministry of China. Today the university comprises of 4campuses that house 26 colleges and one hospital. The university offersundergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in a lot of fields thatinclude economics, engineering, education, law, literature, management, medicalscience, science, history, etc. There are over 2500 staff members who arewell-trained and highly skilled in their respective fields.

The Medical School of the NantongUniversity is the oldest and the largest school in the Campus. It is also oneof the best places to study MBBS inChina. The medical school comprises of 12 research and teaching centers forPreclinical Medicine and Medical Humanities, 8 laboratories, and 23 ClinicalMedicine departments. The medical department has over 3500 students studying inthe 12 undergraduate programs, five provincial key disciplines, and nineprovincial clinical medicine specialties. The university offers one of the bestMBBS courses in China and has manystudents coming in from various countries in the world like Japan, India, etc.

Highlights of Nantong University

•   Nantong University is one of the oldest universities in China with anextremely strong student base

•   The university’s medical school is the largest in the campus and isconsidered one of the top medicalcolleges in China

•   The Nantong University is recognized by WHO and the students whograduate are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by thevarious medical councils of the world

•   The international students are taught Chinese as a compulsory subjectduring the entire undergraduate medical program

•   The university arranges for summer training courses for its students

•   Nantong University actively participates in academic exchange andcooperation with many universities and research institutes in differentcountries like the United States, Portugal, Britain, Germany, Australia,Canada, Japan, etc.

•   The medical school has over 5 doctoral supervisors, 150 professors, 145master supervisors, 190 associate professors along with part-time teachers.

•   All the teaching staff in this ChineseMBBS University are learned, well trained, and highly experienced

•    The medical school also has 52 hospitalsfor teaching practice and16 affiliated hospitals for clinical teaching andgraduation internship 

About City

A beautiful port city situated on thenorthern bank of the Yangtze River, Nangtong is well-known for its saltproduction, marine production, and embroidery work. Popularly known as the"Pearl of the River and Sea", this city is one of the first 14 citiesthat were open to international trade and economy. Today, it is one of China’spopular tourist destinations and has earned the title of the ‘First Window on theYangtze River’. One of the cities in the Yangtze Delta Economic Zone to see thefastest economic growth, Nantong has greatly modernized today. There are manytourist attractions like the Langshan scenic area, the Nangtong Museum, etc.where tourists love to visit. The food includes Cantonese cuisine and Sichuancuisine, which is delicious and must not be missed. The city experiences allfour seasons and Spring is the best time to visit. 

Indian students at Nantong University

Consideredas one of the best medical universitiesin China for Indian students, the Nangtong University invites students fromall around the world for its six-year MBBS course, which includes one year ofclinical practice. To be eligible to apply, a foreign student must be:

•    Must be in a good state of physical andmental health

•    Must be a non-Chinese citizen

•    Must not have a criminal record

•    Must be below 30 years of age

•    Must have an educational background that isequivalent to high school graduation in China.

•    Must be proficient in the English language

•    Must have good moral character

•    Must obey and respect the laws andregulations of the university, the Chinese government, and Chinese customs.

Inorder to apply for MBBS in China,the applicant must submit the following

•    A photocopy of the passport

•     Passport-sized photo

•     Original copies of the high schoolgraduation certificate;

•    Original copies of the high school marksheets

•    A health certificate

Applicationscan be made online and offline through an email. Post the application, anonline interview is scheduled for the applicant. For more details on theadmission procedure, you can contact the Lakshya team.


Astudent can study medicine in China inEnglish. However, to help students understand and accommodate well in a newcountry, the Chinese language is taught as a compulsory language in theundergraduate program.


Theuniversity provides accommodation facility to its international students in asafe and secure environment. There are two-bed rooms and three-bed roomsavailable for the students on campus. All rooms are furnished with beds,wardrobe, desks, and chairs, air conditioners, Internet connection, etc. Publicwashing machines and microwave ovens are also available for the students. 

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