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Initiallyfounded in Shanghai in 1926 as the Dongnan Medical College, the Anhui MedicalUniversity earned its new name in 1952. The university was first moved toHuaiyuan County, Anhui Province in 1949 from Shanghai and in 1952 it wasfinally shifted to Hefei in Anhui Province. With the motto “study hard and tryto practice, bring up excellent doctors,” the university believes in thedevelopment of a teaching-research type of study module. This Chinese MBBSUniversity is one of the oldest educational institutions in the Anhui provinceand has been making a steady contribution to human health for years now.

Todaythe medical university has 25 teaching institutions that also include theSchool of International Education. Thirty-two special fields of study andcourses are offered in the different undergraduate programs. The university hasalso established three post-doctoral scientific research programs. The medicaluniversity is also eligible to grant award master’s degrees in 74 specialtiesand doctoral degrees in 27 specialties. It also has five directly affiliatedhospitals and six non-directly affiliated hospitals under its wing. Today thereare over 15000 students in the university and more than 100 internationalstudents from various corners of the world. Some of the subjects offered by oneof the top MBBS universities in China are clinical medicine, immunology, basicmedicine, nursing, neurology, etc.

Highlightsof Anhui Medical University

•    The university primary focuses on medicinewith a coordinated development of engineering, law, science, management, and afew other disciplines

•    The university is a part of the “NationalFoundational Capability Promotion Project” of colleges and universities in thecentral and western regions

•    The university is one of the best to studyMBBS in China and is the national base for the study of clinical medicines andchemical reagents

•    The university has well-trained and educatedteachers, many of whom have won titles like Changjiang Scholar appointed byMinistry of Education

•    The university greatly focuses on combiningthe strength of medication and medical research in its study module

•   This China MBBS university has establishedextensive cooperation and communication with many universities around the worldin countries like Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc

•    The medical university believes in thepolicy of cooperation and openness and regularly invites lecturers and teachersfrom various other medical universities in China for classes and lectures

•    The university operates 50 clinical schoolsin hospitals and around 60 professional practice and teaching bases in citiesacross Beijing, Fujian Province, Anhui Province, Guangdong Province, JiangsuProvince, Shanghai, Shandong Province, Xinjiang, and Zhejiang Province.

•    The university has four big and beautifulcampuses and thousands of students graduating every year

About City

With a rich historical past that dates back to2000 years in the Ming dynasty, the Hefei is a very beautiful city. Today it isthe cultural, economic, and political hub of the Anhui province and also shinesbrightly in the educational and scientific scenario too with Yang Zhenning, aNobel Prize for Physics winner being from Hefei. With the Huaihe River to itsnorth, the Yangtze River to its south, and the Chaohu Lake to the southeast,the city is surrounded by blue waters and enjoys a great geographical location.There is a lot to see and discover in the city lie the Sanhe Ancient town, etc.Getting around is quite easy because the city’s transportation system is quitesolid. The city enjoys four clearly defined seasons and whenever you visit, youmust taste the Luzhou Roast Duck, sesame cake, sesame slices, sesame cookie,and tasty dumplings

Indian students at Anhui Medical University

Youwould be surprised to know that almost all festivals from Holi to Diwali iscelebrated in this medical university because of the huge presence of Indianstudents. It is one of the best medical colleges in China for Indian studentsbecause of the presence of many Indian students and not to forget, the huge andsturdy campus. The application procedure for an international student tocomplete MBBS in China is as follows:

•    The applicant must be fluent in English

•    The applicant whose mother tongue or secondlanguage is not English must provide IELTS certificate with a score of 5.5 andabove or TOEFL score of 61 and above

•    Theapplicant must be a high school graduate

•    The applicant must have studiedmathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry in high school and scored 70percent and above

•    The applicant must be in a good physicaland mental condition

•    The applicant must have a valid passport

Applicationscan be made online or offline to the university. For more details andinstructions, you can contact the Lakshya team.


Astudent can study medicine in China in English.


Forthe sake of safety, the university requires the international students to stayin the on-campus dormitory for the first academic year. The internationalstudents’ dormitory has 18 floors and rooms are provided on a double sharingbasis. Each room is equipped with all the basic necessities and a refrigerator,air conditioner, cabinets, internet connection, etc.


Thecampus has a gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball courts, etc. It also hasdifferent restaurants including Chinese and Muslim restaurants.  The campus also has supermarkets and storesfor the students.




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