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Recognizedby prestigious institutions all over the world, the medical university has four clinical medicine departments under this college, 61teaching hospitals, 14 affiliated hospitals, 10 forensic medicine intern bases,10 pharmacy intern centres, 18 off-campus intern bases for biomedical teachingand research, and 10 preventative medicine intern bases.

Known as the Medical College ofSoochow University (MCSU) today, the medical university had merged the Schoolof Life Sciences, School of Pharmacy, School of Radiation Medicine & PublicHealth, and all the other departments of the former School of Medicine back in2008. Some of the main courses offered by the university are Internal Medicine,Microbiology, General Surgery, Gynecology, Medical Immunology, Pathophysiology,etc. The medical university has a strong base of teachers – around 160associate professors, 46 professors, 40 doctoral supervisors, etc. All of themare well-educated and highly trained in their respective fields.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->·        <!--[endif]-->The university partakesin academic exchange programs with other universities around the world and alsoinvites other professors and teachers from other colleges and universities tohold classes, and lecture students on various subjects in the university.

About City

Lovinglycalled “Paradise on Earth,” Suzhou city is one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze Basin. Surrounded by land on three sides, and theYangtze River on one side, Suzhou is a beautiful city popular for itswell-manicured classical gardens, the Grand Canal, and the silk industry. Ithas many pretty places that are popular tourist destinations. If you are intown, do not miss visiting the ancient gardens that are on the UNESCO Heritagelist, the Taihu Lake, the Tiger Hill, ZhouzhuangWater Town, etc. Suzhou enjoys all the four seasons, however, spring andautumn are the most pleasant seasons among the four and also make for the besttime to visit the city. Public transport is easily available in the city; youcan take the bus or train to travel conveniently. 

Indian students at Soochow Medical University

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->The applicant must be capable of bearing all the entire cost of the MBBS program andliving expenses

<!--[if !supportLists]-->The applicant must bementally and physically capable

Thefollowing materials will be required to file an application to pursue MBBS in China. The application can besent both online and offline, through email.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->The mark sheets of the final year at high school

<!--[if !supportLists]-->The highschool graduation certificate


A student can study medicine in China in English.Soochow University started taking its MBBS classes in English since 2004 forits international students. However, Chinese is taught to the students to helpthem communicate with the locals in the country.


SoochowMedical University ensures that its students enjoy acomfortable stay during the course of the program. There is a female dormitory,a male dormitory, and a co-ed dormitory for the students in a sharing basis andsingle room basis. The rooms are equipped with all basic necessities and an airconditioner, telephone, etc. in each room.


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